Vlag_UK  Astrid writes… song lyrics.

Astrid wrote songs for i.a.:
– aSkEn project
– Miss C.A.T.
– Just Vera
– Fat Eddy Band Project
– Gashunters

Astrid feels a great passion for music and for a long time she wanted to play and sing herself. She has music in her genes, however she stopped music lessons too soon and the restart many years later turned out to be too late. When you really want to play the piano you have to start young and most of all, you must keep your fingers on the keys. What can we say about her voice? It’s best to keep silent.

Since Astrid loves to write short stories, columns ánd lyrics, she was able to combine the two passions. Though Astrid is able to create a basic composition, she mainly collaborates with several composers who write songs for vocalists and bands. Pop, rock or a real torchy song, whatever kind of lyric a composer or artist needs, they can contact Astrid. She is also involved in projects like ‘aSkEN project’, ‘Fat Eddy Band Project’ and ‘FEB Music Productie’. With ‘Twoomusic’ she is fixed upon somewhat alternative styles.

Astrid prefers various and diverging styles of music and artists: Nick Cave, Steve Vai, Racoon, Masters of Reality, André Hazes (D), Frans Bauer (D), James Morisson, Status Quo, Ruben Hein (D), Triggerfinger (B), DeWolff, Adele, Ramses Shaffy (D), Radiohead, Wibi Soerjadi (D), Snow Patrol, Johnny Cash, Astrid Seriese (D), Frans Duits (D), Paul Weller, Muse, Ilse de Lange (D), en many, many others.
This diversity is featured in the lyrics Astrid writes.

In the Twoomusic collaboration -mainly alternative but also pop and Dutch songs- lyrics written by Astrid are used in song demos and in the project ‘Gashunters‘.


Upcoming: the actual lyrics website will be converted to this website.